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Frequently Asked Questions

Issue: I am unable to login to the website, even after requesting a new password.
Response:   Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser settings. If you are using Internet Explorer, try accessing the website using Mozilla Firefox.


Issue: When trying to install one of the programs on a computer running Windows Vista, I get a message with error code 2869.
Response:   Be sure you are logged in with administrative priviledges during the installation. If the problem persists, go to User Accounts in the Control Panel and disable User Account Control. Retry the installation. Once the program is installed, re-enable User Account Control.

SI Tools

Issue: When I access one of the menu options, Revit Structure crashes.
Response:   This is a known bug in Revit Structure 2008 with external applications. Upgrade to SI Tools for Revit Structure 2009.
SI Xchange for Revit Structure

Issue: When Revit Structure 2010 loads, it issues a message that the SI Xchange menu cannot be initialized.
Response:   This was an issue with SI Xchange v1.0.0.2 after updating to Update 1 for Revit Structure 2010. Please download SI Xchange v1.0.3.2010.

Issue: Some members are not automatically broken up at support and intersection points in STAAD.Pro.
Response:   Prior to export, launch the member support check in Revit Structure by selecting Tools->Analytical Model->Check Member Supports.

Issue: The export fails with the message "Unable to create OpenSTAAD object."
Response:   The OpenSTAAD object, which is used by SI Xchange, should be registered automatically during installation. If this message appears, try registering OpenSTAAD manually.

Type Library
To register the type library manually, follow these steps:

  1. Select Start Run.

  2. Type the following in the dialog box that appears:

    regtlib <Full path of OpenSTAADUI.tlb file>

    Where <Full path of OpenSTAADUI.tlb file> is the location of the OpenSTAADUI.tlb type library file on your computer.  It is located under the OpenSTAAD folder where you have STAAD.Pro installed.

  3. Click OK.

    A confirmation dialog should appear, indicating the file was registered.
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